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Jointing Systems (921-Systeme)

UNISEAL-921 systems are two component sealants, free of any plasticisers. The UNISEAL-921 systems can be mixed on site with the ZZ-152 multicomponent mixer, offering the advantage that during jointing operation the next badge is mixing continuosly and automatically. Together with the cartridge filling equipment there is an enormous time reduction allowing also a continous mixing and application of the sealants together with our air pressure gun UNIPLASTIC-SW-50. UNISEAL-921 offers extremly good adhesion on all building materials including wet surfaces.

Advantages of the two component sealing system UNISEAL-921
  • applicable at any time and weather conditions, even in winter at low temperatures
  • easy and fast mixing and application
  • free of any plasticisers
  • excellent adhesion on concrete, stone, metal, glass
  • economic and low price compared to one component sealant systems